genital herpes

genital herpes

Herpes Treatment
After a conclusive herpes diagnosis, it is important to explore herpes treatment and management options. Many treatment options are available to manage the virus and increase your immune response. These treatment options include prescription antiviral medications, amino acid Lysine supplements, immune health and healthy living.

herpes symptoms treatment Prescription Antiviral Medications
Prescription antiviral medications include Valtrex (valacyclovir) www.valtrex.com and Famvir (famciclovir) www.famvir.com and are used for episodic treatment and/or suppressive treatment. Treatment begun during the first signs of an outbreak and taken for a few days is called episodic treatment.

Episodic treatment is most effective when taken as soon as possible after symptoms appear. Success rate increases when administered during the very first signs of an outbreak appear. Episodic treatment can assist in relieving symptoms, and to shorten the duration of each outbreak, but has no effect on the frequency of outbreaks.

Suppressive treatment involves taking antiviral medication everyday for prolonged periods of time (can be a few months or even years). With this, the virus is stopped from replicating and treatment can reduce the number of outbreaks, or prevent them completely and reduce the frequency asymptomatic shedding. 

Based on the frequency of outbreaks you experience or your ability to cope with having outbreaks of genital herpes, you may wish to tell your doctor and discuss the use of suppressive therapy herpes medication and any possible adverse reactions.

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Studies indicate that the amino acid lysine has been effective in managing herpes viral replication. A diet that is simultaneously high in lysine and low in the amino acid arginine (which can increase HSV viral replication) can inhibit the herpes simplex virus. HSV utilizes the amino acid arginine during its active phase for viral replication which results in herpes symptoms and outbreaks. Lysine naturally counters the amount of arginine in the body. One can avoid foods high in arginine and/or take a lysine supplement which can be found at most local drug or grocery stores.

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Healthy Living
Research indicates that persons with compromised immune systems are more likely to experience viral outbreaks. Having a strengthened immune system will allow your body to naturally defend itself from the virus and can result in fewer or less severe outbreaks. A healthy diet, proper amounts of sleep, exercise, and stress management are keys to healthy living.

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Herpes Vaccine
As of September 2010, GlaxoSmithKline made the decision not to further pursue the development of their experimental herpes vaccine (see press release here).

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Consulting your physician
Only your physician and you can determine the best course based on your medical needs in managing your herpes treatment. Though there is no herpes cure, there are many options for managing the virus.
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