genital herpes

genital herpes

Managing Herpes

There is currently no known herpes cure. A lack of a cure may appear disheartening to those afflicted with herpes simplex virus, but the good news is that herpes treatment can go far in keeping the illness in check and managing herpes symptoms.

If you are experiencing viral genital herpes symptoms, genital herpes testing is available and you should seek a conclusive herpes diagnosis. A number of herpes tests exist to determine the presence of HSV and which strain of the virus you may have; HSV-1 or HSV-2. Once the existence of genital herpes or oral herpes is conclusively verified, the next step is to investigate the various available herpes treatment options. From antiviral medication to changes in diet and psychological support, a number of effective herpes treatment choices are available to manage herpes signs and symptoms and to reduce viral shedding and outbreaks. Be sure to check back often as we are frequently updating and adding information including the upcoming genital herpes pictures section to help you better understand herpes stages and manage the herpes virus.

Recent Research

Breakthrough Herpes Episodes occur even with High-dose Antivirals

Patients with herpes simplex virus type 2 (HSV-2) taking high doses of antiviral therapy

Scientists use re-engineered Herpes Virus to detect Cancer

Researchers at Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center

Herpevac Trial - Study Finds Genital Herpes Vaccine Ineffective in Women

GlaxoSmithKline Herpevac trial for women results in GSK abandoning development of their experimental herpes vaccine Simplirix.

Valtrex by GlaxoSmithKline shown to reduce asymptomatic shedding

Study shows that Valtrex reduces viral shedding as well as outbreaks in patients suffering from Genital Herpes.

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